Tuesday, April 11, 2017

8:00-17:00 Sustainable Pavements Technical Working Group Meeting (Open to All)
18:00-19:00 Reception and Poster Session
Andrew Braham, UARK, USA Exploring Alternative Methods of Environmental Analysis
Manil Hettiwatte, TTU, USA Development of an Environmental Life-Cycle Assessment (LCA) Protocol for Flexible Pavements that Integrates Life-Cycle Components to a Proprietary Software
Megha Sharma & Sundeep Inti, UTEP, USA Role of Uncertainty Assessment in LCA of Pavements
Mouna Krami Senhaji, UIUC, USA Life-Cycle Assessment Tool Development for Flexible Pavement In-Place Recycling Techniques
Laura Trupia, University of Nottingham, UK Review and Comparison of Freely-available Tools for Pavement Carbon Footprinting in Europe
Ruijun Cao, PolyU, Hong Kong Integrated Sustainability Assessment of Asphalt Rubber Pavement Based on Life Cycle Analysis
Filippo Pratico, UNIRC, Italy LCCA for Silent Surfaces
Arash Saboori , UC Davis, USA Quantification of Energy Consumption, GHG Emissions, and Smog Formation of End-of-Life Alternatives for Pavements in California, a Case Study
Umit Deniz Tursun, UIUC, USA Emission Controlled Network-Level Pavement Management System
Mohamed Younes, LJMU, UK Moving Towards An Egyptian Life Cycle Assessment Tool For Construction Of Asphalt Pavements

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

8:00-8:10 Welcome! Conference Chair
Preliminary Panel and Keynote Address
8:10-9:00 Panel: Building Sustainable and Cost-Efficient Pavements Catherine Batey (FHWA); Aaron Weatherholt (IDOT); Paul Kovacs (Illinois Tollway)
9:00-9:30 Keynote Address: GREET Life Cycle Analysis of Transportation Fuels and Vehicle Technologies Michael Wang/ Amgad Elgowainy Argonne National Laboratory
9:30-9:50 Break and Poster Session  
Session: LCA Tools and Inventory Development (Moderator: Jeff Roesler)
9:50-10:20 Regionalized Inventory Development and Deployment in a LCA Tool Imad Al-Qadi/ Hasan Ozer UIUC, USA
10:20-10:50 eLCAP and PaveM, CA’s Network and Project Level Quantification Tools John Harvey UC Davis, USA
10:50-11:10 Pavement Life Cycle Assessment: A Comparison of American and European Tools Joao Santos IFSTTAR, France
11:10-11:30 Development of EPD Program for Concrete Industry Brian Killingsworth NRMCA, USA
11:30-11:50 Development of EPD Program for the Asphalt Industry Amlan Mukherjee MTU, USA
11:50-12:10 Current Difficulties with Creation of Standardized Digital Climate Calculations for Infrastructural Projects Larissa Stromberg Nordic Construction Co., Sweden
12:10-13:20 Lunch
Panel and Discussions (Moderator: Bill Vavrik)
13:20-14:40 Panel: Current and Future PLCA and EPD: An International Perspective Susanna Toller (Swedish Transport Administration); Jeremy Gregory (Massachusetts Institute of Technology); Joep Meijer (The Right Environment),  Cesar Bartolome (IECA)
14:40-15:00 Break and Poster Session
Session: Use-phase Models and Inventory Data Development (Moderator: Heather Dylla)
15:00-15:20 Probabilistic Assessment of Pavement-Vehicle Interaction Impacts Mehdi Akbarian MIT, USA
15:20-15:40 Development of Baseline Rolling Resistance for Tires Jaime Hernandez UIUC, USA
15:40-16:00 Analysis of Pavement Surface Condition on Truck  Fuel Consumption Laura Trupia/Federico Perrotta University of Nottingham, UK
16:00-16:20 Impact of PCC Pavement Structural Rolling Resistance on Vehicle Fuel Economy Karim Chatti MSU, USA
16:20-16:40 Development and Application of LCA Tool for Cool Pavement Hui LI/Ali Butt UC Davis, USA
16:40-17:00 Rolling Resistance and Traffic Delay Impact on a Road Pavement Life Cycle Carbon Footprint Analysis Laura Trupia University of Nottingham, UK
17:00-17:20 LCA Case Study for O’Hare International Airport Taxiway A & B Rehabilitation John Kulikowski Air Force Civil Engineer Center, USA
18:30 Dinner (Cash bar starting 18:00)

Thursday, April 13, 2017

Session: Critical LCA Methodological Choices and Uncertainty Quantification (Moderator: Hasan Ozer)
8:00-8:20 An Uncoupled Pavement- Urban Canyon Model for Heat Islands Sushobhan Sen UIUC, USA
8:20-8:40 Incorporating Uncertainty into Pavement LCCA and LCA Randolph Kirchain MIT, USA
8:40-9:00 Functional Unit Choice for Comparative Pavement LCA Involving Use-Stage with Pavement Roughness Uncertainty Quantification (UQ) Mojtaba Ziyadi UIUC, USA
9:00-9:20 Pay Items as the Building Blocks of an LCA Tool Bill Vavrik ARA, USA
9:20-9:40 Calculation Method of Stockpiling and Use Phase in Road LCA: Case Study of Steel Slag Recycling Oumaya Yazoghli-Marzouk Cerema, France
9:40-10:20 Break and Poster Session
Session: Implementation of LCA for Optimizing Pavement Choices and Rehabilitation (Moderator: Kurt Smith)
10:20-10:40 Concrete Pavement Life Cycle Environmental Assessment and Economic Analysis: A Manitoba Case Study Jamie Meil Athena Sustainable Materials Institute, Canada
10:40-11:00 Life-Cycle Assessment of Road Pavements Containing Marginal Materials: Comparative Analysis Based on a Real Case Study Marco Pasetto/Andrea Baliello University of Padua, Italy
11:00-11:20 Comparative Eco-Efficiency Analysis between HIPR and M&F Ruijun Cao/Zhen Leng PolyU, Hong Kong
11:20-11:40 Environmental Assessment and Economic Analysis of Porous Pavement at Sidewalk Hao Wang Rutgers, USA
11:40-12:00 A New England LCA Framework for Pavement Maintenance/Preservation Eshan Dave UNH, USA
12:00-13:00 Lunch
Session: Incorporating LCA in the Design and Management of Pavement Systems (Moderator: Navneet Garg)                        
13:00-13:20 Capitalizing Green Pavement: A Method and Valuation Qingbin Cui/David F. Choy UMD, USA
13:20-13:40 A Methodology for Sustainable Mechanistic-Empirical Pavement Design Neveen Talaat LSU, USA
13:40-14:00 Applications of LCA for Network-Level Pavement Management Gerardo Flintsch Virginia Tech, USA
14:00-14:20 U.S. Army Engineer Research and Development Effort on Sustainability and LCA James Allen CERL, USA
14:20-14:40 Implementation of Life Cycle Thinking in Planning and Procurement at the Swedish Transport Administration Susanna Toller STA, Sweden
14:40-15:00 FHWA Sustainable Pavements Program: Advancing LCA Heather Dylla FHWA, USA
15:00-15:30 Break and Poster Session
Panel and Discussions (Moderators: Imad L. Al-Qadi/John Harvey)
15:30-17:30 Panel: Where Do We Go from Here! Leif Wathne (ACPA); Navneet Garg (FAA); Gina Ahlstrom (FHWA); Steve Gillen (Tollway); Richard Willis (NAPA); David Lippert (UIUC)